We specialize in quality craftsmanship of an impressive range of materials, including hides, fabrics, wood, marble, metals, plastics and hi-tech materials.

We collaborate with the most prestigious brands and handle only top-quality tested materials capable of delivering an aesthetically pleasing result, long service life and technical performance, produced in a manner that is kind to the environment and people.


Texture, colour and structure come together 
in a unique feeling of functional harmony

The Leather Book - Nalesso

The Leather Book

A wide range of leatherworking techniques celebrates leather's natural softness, bringing out its unique traits and elegance.

The Fabric Book - Nalesso

The Fabric Book

An endless array of options for fabric coverings and special detailing from embroidery to tufting.

The Material Book - Nalesso

The Material Book

Wood, metal, stone, marble, resins and latest-generation materials: a wide range of solutions for customized projects.